Can I add or modify entries?

PocketBib does not allow you to edit, add or remove entries from your BibTeX library.  You can only view your articles and annotate them in an external application.

The main reason for this limitation is that if you were to have BibDesk open on your computer at the same time as you made changes to your library in PocketBib, then these changes would not be noticed by BibDesk, and if you later made changes to your library in BibDesk then any changes made in PocketBib would be lost.  This problem arises because the syncing is not managed by BibDesk, and a similar problem would occur with any two applications working on the same data simultaneously in Dropbox.  This is not a 'bug' in BibDesk, as this problem would occur between any two applications trying to modify the same file in Dropbox.

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